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In this collection, I have attempted to discover a different and new outlook on Iranian classical music and Khorasan’s folklore music. A new outlook for myself and for others intrigued by this path. One of my aims in the present collection has been to establish a consistent connection and texture in the sound making, setting, and harmonizing associated with this genre, throughout the pieces. Utilizing materials that are only found in this genre has caused the production of sounds that create a consistent and homogenous environment in most pieces. Some of these materials are the nature of the instruments’ sounds, the method of performing and striking said instruments, and the nature of the singer’s voice.

Another composing view of mine in this album has been to arrange various motifs such as traditional and folkloric music with performing methods in Jazz and Classical music, and connect them to contemporary poetry, a combination that aims to become a cohesive unit and simultaneously keep all parts faithful to their origins as much as possible.

Zakhme means both to wound and to strum a string to create sound from the instrument. From the point of view of my emotions and intended meanings, the musical strums of this collection show the scars, pains, loneliness and absurdities that all human beings in the modern world are somehow entangled with. Some of the pieces in this collection are inspired by or a fragment of musical performance by great musicians who are not among us anymore, great musicians who will undoubtedly remain unmatched in music history. my perspective on the departure of these musicians is the loss of a part of the art and culture of this land (Iran) that I cannot imagine a replacement for. I will pay my infinite respect to them by remembering them through this work.

A Swarm of Sorrow
With No Laughter
What a long road!
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